The parish church of Damerham (Hampshire) is dedicated to St. George. The tympanum with a representation of the saint is found above the doorway in the south wall.

Damerham Entrance

The subject of the scene represented on the tympanum is the same as at Hardham and Fordington: St. George charging a Saracen in the course of the Battle of Antioch. The saint, who is not nimbed, is holding a sword (the upper portion of which does not survive). The Saracen, who is being trampled on the ground underneath the hooves of the horse, tries to protect himself with a bossed shield. The image in the right-hand corner is ambiguous, although Simon Alford suggested that it might represent the Hell-mouth.

Damerham Saint George


The village of Damerham is 15 miles south from Salisbury and just over 3 miles west from Fordingbridge. It it is difficult – albeit not entirely impossible – to reach it by public transportation (if one is not put off by school buses). Salisbury is an hour and half by train from London Waterloo.

IMG_2526Damerham from the distance


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